Welcome Dr. Stamp!

Covid 19 has brought us some interesting changes in the way we practice veterinary medicine here are The Animal Clinic. In some ways it has been quite challenging, but in other ways, it focused our view of the future, by showing how we can do things better going forward. One of those things is to [...]

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Help! My flea prevention doesn’t work!

Here in Florida, fleas are a year-round problem. To avoid a flea infestation and keep your pet healthy and comfortable, you need reliable flea prevention products. While we have seen some flea resistance to products that were once reliable, such as Frontline and Advantage, there are newer options that can quickly send fleas packing. But, in [...]

Saying Goodbye and What Happens After

The end of your pet’s life and saying goodbye is never an easy subject to talk, or even think, about. However, it is inevitably something that will happen at some point in every pet parent’s life, so there are things that need to be said. After all, educated decisions are best when it comes to [...]

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Happy Anniversary Dr. Kolb!

Proud of Mary! Dr. Mary Kolb has been with us at the The Animal Clinic for one year now, and we couldn't be happier! She has been wonderful for our clinic family, keeping us all smiling! Mary has been a great fit, as she has many of the same realistic thinking patterns as Dr Burroughs, [...]

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